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Fonto 'Going Ku': A Journey of Musical Diversity

Fonto 'Going Ku': A Journey of Musical Diversity


Meet Fonto, an artist whose life journey has led him to diverse places like California, Cuba, New Orleans, Maine, New Jersey, and New York City. His extensive travels and interactions with people from various backgrounds have given him the ability to collaborate with a wide range of musical artists and producers worldwide. This diversity of influences has shaped his music, making it rich and eclectic, appealing to his current fan base while continuously drawing in new listeners.

Getting Started and the Name "Fonto 'Going Ku’"

Fonto's musical journey began at a young age. He initially collaborated with artists in New York City while attending a performing arts high school for piano. Over time, he transitioned to focus on his solo music, producing music videos, and exploring creative direction.

The name "Going Ku" is inspired by the notion of going crazy and the influence of Atlanta's music scene, where Fonto has worked with numerous artists. It also incorporates elements of New Orleans language due to his connection to that vibrant city.

Artistic Identity:

Fonto's name, while popularly associated with a tobacco leaf used for rolling blunts, holds a deeper significance. It pays homage to his Cuban heritage, as the best tobacco leaves in the world are grown in Cuba. This name represents one facet of his identity, symbolizing his Cuban origins and the art of rolling tobacco, deeply rooted in Cuban tradition.

Musical Style:

Fonto's musical style is an intriguing fusion of alternative electronic, hip-hop, rock, and lo-fi pop. While his early songs leaned more toward traditional hip-hop, he has since evolved

as an artist, experimenting with a broader array of sounds that resonate with him. His music explores themes of love, happiness, life's challenges, and navigating the complexities of the modern music industry.

Songwriting Process:

Fonto's songwriting process is an intimate and introspective one. He often finds himself in a relaxed environment, writing lyrics in a notebook while unwinding at home. His sources of inspiration include personal experiences, relationships, family, and life's trials and tribulations. Writing songs serves as a therapeutic outlet, helping him process his though ts and emotions.

Career Highlights:

One of Fonto's most memorable moments in his music career was collaborating with Warhol.ss when he was just 17 years old. The song they worked on together went viral and remains popular to this day. This experience taught him the importance of perseverance and believing in one's ability to achieve their dreams.

Visual Artistry:

The visual elements of Fonto's music, including album artwork and music videos, are of great significance to him. He collaborates with a diverse group of artists, cinematographers, and creatives from his high school and artistic circles in New York City. He invests considerable time in brainstorming different visual aesthetics for each project, aiming to create a distinct and memorable visual identity for his work.


Fonto has a history of successful collaborations with artists such as Diego Money, K$upreme, Candypaint, and Warhol.ss, resulting in viral songs. He believes in the power of collaboration and aims to work with a wide range of artists. His dream collaborations include Gorillaz and T-Pain, and he's also looking to collaborate with clothing brands to bring his creative merch ideas to life.

Message to Fans and Aspiring Musicians: 
Fonto's message is one of unwavering focus, consistency, and determination. He encourage aspiring musicians to keep pushing forward, even in the face of challenges. His motto is clear: "Even if they throw me in the jungle, I'm still coming out 'fly.'"

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